MLK III’s “Continuing the Dream” Tour

We invite you to participate in a unique and powerful journey of history and progress, MLK III’s “Continuing the Dream” Tour, from February 17 – 20, 2023, in Washington D.C.

Hosted by Martin Luther King III, the oldest son of Martin Luther King Jr., his wife, Arndrea, and daughter, Yolanda, this exclusive, unique three-day trip will showcase a narrative that is rarely included in history books, shedding a necessary like on how Black culture has heavily influenced, and robustly shaped, America’s capitol, Washington D.C. Additionally, we will traverse the landmarks that memorialize MLK’s vision, in D.C., as his spoken dreams paved the way for positive change and racial equality. As the University of the District of Columbia is a notable HBCU, we felt this trip could really resonate with your alumni network.

The movement toward racial equality in America has long been a fight for the African American community. And it’s a legacy we refuse to forget. Amplifying his father’s work, Mr. King has devoted his life to carrying his father’s work and vision of radical nonviolence into the 21st century. The trip will make crucial stops at sites that cater to historical authenticity like the National Museum of African American Heritage and Culture, Howard University, and what was once known as “Black Broadway”, U-Street.