Dick Gregory Hollywood Star


Joe, let me first thank you for the monumental job you have done on raising the fee for the Dick Gregory Hollywood Star.  We could not have done it this quickly without you.

Second, I want to thank your listeners.  They are obviously very loyal to you when you ask them to do something.   They were so wonderful and excited to be donating to the Dick Gregory Hollywood Star Fund.  They were all so pleasant.  Nobody got impatient when we had a lot of calls and we had to put some on hold.  I have never worked with so many calls without at least one person being unpleasant–but your listeners get my highest compliment and congratulations. All of them expressed their great admiration for both Mr. Gregory and you–and expressed how honored and happy they were to give.

Thanks to them and to you, we will be sending in the Hollywood Chamber Fee for the Star this week. I want to express my thanks and that of Mr. Gregory and his family.

E. Faye Williams, MPA, PhD, D.Min, Esq.
President/CEO, National Congress of Black Women, Inc.

National Congress of Black Women 1250 4th St. SW #WG1 Wash DC 20024