Acclaimed Talk Show Host and Human Rights Activist, Joe Madison, “Starving for Voting Rights”

November 8, 2021

Acclaimed Talk Show Host and Human Rights Activist, Joe Madison,
“Starving for Voting Rights”

Washington, DC – Hunger strikes have been used as means of political protests as long as there have been politics and resistance. Throughout history, suffragettes in the UK and US have used hunger strikes as a means of protest. So, it is not surprising that one of the country’s leading voices for human and civil rights has chosen this form of dissent to redress a wrong.

Joe Madison, also known as the Black Eagle, today announced on his radio show, “as a political protest, I am beginning a hunger strike today by abstaining from eating until Congress passes, and President Biden signs, the Freedom to Vote Act or the J.L. Voting Rights Advancement Act.”

Both bills were recently passed by the House of Representatives and both have stalled in the Senate. Neither bill has garnered the requisite 60-vote majority, and have been unable to circumvent the required majority due to the Senate filibuster rule.

Madison is not your typical talk show host. His popular radio show on SiriusXM reaches over three million listeners each day. To some, Madison is “action-oriented” personified. His signature expression “what are you going to do about it,” is not just a slogan, it’s what inspires and drives him.

According to Madison, “I have begun this hunger strike in solidarity with all those who are calling on Congress and the President to protect our voting rights.”

Since the Supreme Court’s decision, Shelby County v. Holder, watered down the Voting Rights Act of 1965, statehouses across the country have passed a myriad of laws that have made it more difficult for people to vote. This series of events has impelled Madison to capture the moment and turn it into a movement.

According to Madison, “the difference between a moment and movement is sacrifice, and although this is a moral as well as a political cause for me, it is a component of a much larger movement. “

When asked “why a hunger strike?” Madison responds, “just as food is necessary to sustain life, the right to vote is necessary to sustain democracy.”


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