Mistaken Identity, “Your Biological Father Is Someone Else.”

For real-life drama straight out of a soap opera, see episode 10, airing on Tuesday, April 9 (PBS, 8/7c). “The hardest thing I ever had to do,” says Gates, “was to call Joe Madison and tell him, ‘The man you call your father is not your biological father — your biological father is someone else.” Sensitive to Madison’s privacy and psychological well-being, Gates let Madison know he could pull out of the show. “Without missing a beat, he said, ‘I want to know who it is and I want to stay in the show.” Madison got yet another shock: His biological grandfather was one of the victims of the government’s infamous Tuskegee experiment, which intentionally deprived treatment to syphilis patients to observe their symptoms. When he discovered this — on camera —  “Joe broke down and cried,” Gates says.