Madison Speaks


“Joe Madison is one of the most sought after speakers and media guest in the nation. He has captivated audiences from Capitol Hill to Hollywood Hills. He has been featured on news and talk shows across the country regarding current affairs, political events, civil and human rights. I have watched him keep audiences of every generation spellbound with his insight, witty style and ability to speak about the most controversial issues. He motivates audiences to change the world and themselves. His lifetime of experiences as an human and civil rights activist and talk show personality places him among that rare breed of speakers that not only talks the talk, but walks the walk.” -Dick Gregory, Activist

“Joe Madison brings a wealth of experience to his presentations.  He is dynamic on the platform, and never fails to provoke a response from both the enemies and supporters of justice and fair play.” – Julian Bond Civil Rights Activist, Talk Show Host

“I am always proud to share the podium with a true entertainer like Joe Madison. There a very few of us out here who brings something fresh and new to the audiences around the country.” – Les Brown Talk Show Host, Motivational Speaker

“Dear Mr Madison just a brief not of thank you for your words of wisdom and food for thought during the African Scientific Institute fellows induction ceremony. I thank GOD for you & the great work you are doing. Happy holidays to you & your family!    Best wishes Always.”
-Gene McGowen