A Noose Brings History to Life

Lonnie G. Bunch III, a historian, author, curator and educator, is the founding director of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture.

The person who recently left a noose at the National Museum of African American History and Culture clearly intended to intimidate, by deploying one of the most feared symbols in American racial history. Instead, the vandal unintentionally offered a contemporary reminder of one theme of the black experience in America: We continue to believe in the potential of a country that has not always believed in us, and we do this against incredible odds.The noose — the second of three left on the National Mall in recent weeks — was found late in May in an exhibition that chronicles America’s evolution from the era of Jim Crow through the civil rights movement. Visitors discovered it on the floor in front of a display of artifacts from the Ku Klux Klan, as well as objects belonging to African-American soldiers who fought during World War I. Though these soldiers fought for democracy abroad, they found little when they returned home.
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Vote Madison Into the Radio Hall of Fame


We are honored to announce that SiriusXM Radio Host Joe Madison – “The Black  Eagle” has been nominated for induction to the National Radio Hall of Fame for Spoken Word On-Air Personality.

To be inducted into the hall of fame, Joe Madison’s vast and diverse audience must vote him in by simply texting code “60” to 49400, or by visiting www.radiovote.com to cast their ballot.

Voting starts Monday, June 5th and ends 11:59 pm on Monday, June 19th. Inductees will be announced on Monday, June 26th.

Please feel free to share with friends, family, and colleagues, and make sure your voice is heard–vote today!

When Trump Voters Say They “Suffered For 8 Years Under Obama,” Here’s The Perfect Response

by Natalie Dickinsin

One of many, many infuriating parts of having Trump as the President is the insufferable smugness of conservatives. When they’re not telling you to “suck it up, snowflake” or trying to sell you fake news, they’re gloating: “We suffered for eight years under that tyrant Obummer. Now it’s your turn.”

One man, Scott Mednick had enough with his Republican acquaintances and penned this powerful response:

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