The PERCEVD Principles

The PERCEVD Principles
Genres: Civil Rights, Health and Wellness, History, Self-Help
Publisher: Steeltown Publishing
Publication Year: 2011
“The PERCEVD Principles” is a dynamic new book that is designed to provide diversity awareness and enhance understanding towards the common issues and challenges facing transitioning veterans and people with hidden, physical and combat-related disabilities. It also serves as a diversity road-map for organizations towards eliminating disruptive stigma and creating accommodating, fair, flexible, and conducive workplace and social environments.
About the Book

The book is based on the “Preparing Employers to Reintegrate Combat Exposed Veterans with Disabilities” (PERCEVD) diversity training program created by DESTIN Enterprises, LLC in association with Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) veteran and board-certified psychiatrist Cynthia Washington, M.D. Author, veteran, entrepreneur and diversity subject matter expert Edward Crenshaw, masterfully illustrates a wide range of perspectives that include: medical and disability conditions, legal issues and compliance regulations, military culture, HR/EEO, proactive intervention and support, etiquette, along with diet, health and wellness towards readiness. The topic is very timely and the significant impact of multiple tours in the longest war in US history, presents unprecedented challenges for veterans, employers, colleges, families and care-givers.