Laff It Off!

Laff It Off!
Authors: ,
Genres: Education, Self-Help
Publisher: Chaite Press
Publication Year: 2013
Some people say that the stress of the "real world" is what stops the laughter from coming. When you grow up there are bills to pay. You've got to work a nine-to-five. You've got relationship troubles. But come on, people, you don't think a kid deals with stuff too?
About the Book

There’s a bully on the playground, a math test the next day. Their teeth are falling out of their heads. Parents are yelling at ’em to eat their broccoli. Kids have their own problems, but they still find a way to laugh their pint-sized behinds off. So why can’t the adults have some fun? Does it all have to be so darned serious? Why don’t we find the laughter in our lives? I believe we can.